Wednesday, July 4, 2012


When we travel, we travel with 3 maybe 4 cameras.  It's not like film you know.  Click, click, click...take as many shots as you want it doesn't cost anything more to take 1,747 instead of 36.  And, so, we do.  And come home.  And become overwhelmed with the thousands of images.  And do nothing with them.  So, I am  resolved to try to do better.  Here's a start from a wonderful trip.  Editing these brought back lots of great memories and, I hope, will keep me motivated to keep editing.  Hope you enjoy!

Christmas in Puerto Rico 2010

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Pirates on Paradise!

Only 74 days before KSM Pirates are on Paradise headed out to party and capture Cozumel!

Transatlantic from Tampa

Bucket list - Transatlantic Cruise - CHECK!

When I saw I could cruise from Tampa to Barcelona, one of my favorite cities, on one of my favorite ships, the Carnival Legend, for under $3,000. for 2 people for 15 days what could I do but say "book it!"
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